Child Support/DOR

Massachusetts courts use the Child Support Guidelines, as amended from time to time, to establish an equitable child support payment from one party to another. However, in order for a court to utilize the Guidelines, it is important for each party to accurately and completely represent all income, assets debts and liabilities. Further, a court may deviate from the Guidelines in particular circumstances.

Parties need to understand the extent to which a parenting schedule may impact child support, when parties share equally, or nearly share parenting time of their children. Ask us what calculation best fits your particular circumstances.

Parties very often utilize the Department of Revenue’s Child Support Enforcement Division to implement a wage assignment, so that support is paid directly from the employer of the payor parent. In cases where DOR has made an error in calculating current support, arrears or retroactive support due, our office can intervene to rectify the problem. Since DOR’s enforcement measures can often be extreme, including levying of bank accounts, intercepting tax returns, and suspending drivers’ license, quick resolution to such errors is important.