DCF/Child Abuse/Adoption

Allegations of child abuse or neglect are taken seriously by the Commonwealth, and if you have been accused of causing abuse or neglect, and are named in an abuse/neglect report (a G.L. c. 119 “§51A Report”) you are part of an adversarial proceeding.

In Massachusetts the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is mandated to investigate allegations of abuse and/or neglect of a child, and moreover, DCF has the authority to remove children from their caretakers when it appears the children are being abused or neglected, and cannot safely remain at home.

Dealing with a DCF investigation involves an adversarial process, and it can be complicated and frustrating. Our firm has extensive experience handling investigations, Care and Protection cases including Custody and Termination of Parental Rights proceedings, as well as DCF Fair Hearings.