Visitation/Parenting Plans

When one parent has physical custody, the other parent has parenting time with the child(ren). This office disfavors the word “visitation,” as it is our belief parents have time with their children, not visits. Our team is especially skilled in crafting comprehensive and accommodating schedules for parents, taking into consideration all the factors important to your family, including observance of extended family and holiday time, recognition of a growing child’s need for some flexibility with a parenting schedule in the teenage years, and support around any medical, psychological/behavioral, educational needs the child may have, as well as accommodation for work schedules, distance and commute time between the parents, extracurricular activities, and vacations.

Parenting time may be supervised or unsupervised, depending upon the circumstances in the case. It may not be safe for the child to be left alone with a parent and supervision can be appropriate when a parent has an alcohol or drug abuse problem, or significant mental health impairment that suggests any danger to the child if alone with the parent. As such, a third party may be ordered to stay with the parent during his or her time and ensure the child’s safety.

The varieties of parenting schedules are infinite, and must be based on the particular needs of each child. We are skilled in constructing creative and comprehensive parenting plans, which account for the needs of you as well as the needs of your child.