Client Testimonials

“Attorney Nasios has been providing invaluable help to me and my family since 2005. She offers sincere and direct guidance, based on extensive experience and knowledge of the law. Attorney Nasios is aggressive in pursuing important issues on which compromise is not an option… and I have gotten many favorable outcomes. But she strikes a perfect balance, being reasonable and not struggling where it’s not worth it. She has an uncanny ability to keep details from yesterday or yesteryear fresh in her mind. She’s formidable in both written and live deliveries. Perhaps most importantly, I genuinely believe Attorney Nasios cares about me and my family, and working with her feels like a partnership.”

– SB

“Penny Nasios is an attorney that earned and has maintained my trust having been by my side for more than 10 years of post-divorce litigation. Her knowledge of the law, combined with a keen sense of her client’s best interests and her opponents’ position and her ability to be aggressive yet fair in negotiations has often helped me avoid litigation without compromising the interests of my children or myself. Whether embarking in negotiations or preparing for litigation, she is extremely organized, prepared and ultimately skilled in delivering the facts with passion and professionalism, keeping the interests of her clients foremost. She has been consistently collaborative, tenacious, unflinchingly honest and fair in every regard.”


“I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Attorney Penny Nasios. My divorce was a long drawn out process over several years. Attorney Nasios never wavered on giving excellent advice and truly listening to my feelings. I believe that she has the right mix of toughness, kindness, and brightness to be effective. As we waded through the months, Attorney Nasios always gave succinct and honest advice.  In addition, I was clear about financial limitations, and she always respected my wishes.   I hold Attn. Nasios in the highest regard. I am so grateful for Attorney Nasios as well as Attorney Nicole Levy, who were both very supportive and helpful at every turn.  Nasios and Associates are definitely my attorneys for the rest of my life.”


“After making the difficult decision to end my 23 year marriage, I knew I was going to need assistance getting thru the divorce process. I interviewed a few divorce attorneys but ultimately decided to ask Penny to represent me in my divorce. I decided to hire Penny because when I first reached out to her, she got back to me right away. She first asked me if I was safe and in not in fear of my domestic situation. Her response immediately told me she is a genuine & caring person with her first priority being the safety and well-being of anyone she talks to.

After I explained to her I was safe, but looking for a way to end my unhappy marriage she was ready to set up an initial consult to discuss my marriage in more detail. During my initial consult, I described my situation and she was able to clearly explain my divorce options along with some constructive ideas on how to best end my marriage in a civil and uncontested fashion so that my ex-husband and I could successfully co-parent our 2 children together while at the same time allowing us to move forward with our lives.  Penny was very attentive and professional to me during the entire legal process. Penny understands the delicate balance required to end a marriage on civil terms while at the same time not compromising her client’s legal rights.

She advocates for her clients when necessary but she also encourages compromise along the way. Divorce is never easy, but having the right people in your corner is so important to obtaining a good outcome for all parties involved. I now have my life back and Penny was a big part in helping me to get where I am today. I would recommend Penny for all types of cases. She has a wealth of expertise and knows the best ways to approach difficult conversations and situations.”

– YB